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Canaria — with this place is related the legend and reality of today … An island where the soul feels calm and happy! The whole year, in the south of Gran Canaria, the air temperature is between 22-32 ° C, and the water is 20-24 ° C. And this means summer 365 days a year!
Knowledge has always provided opportunities, and our company gives the opportunity to organize your rest as comfortable as possible, to get acquainted with the best offers in the tourism market, to get advice on real estate or on the topic of business investment, to get experts of their business with quality assurance living on the island of Gran Canaria. Qualitatively and as quickly as possible we will select suitable variants of offers, taking into account your preferences and wishes.
«Gran Canaria Russian» provides qualitative concierge services, legal or diplomatic assistance, establishes commercial relations with the Canary archipelago of Spain.
Canaria is a place where harmony between nature and man reigns! There is a balance in everything. Legally, the island is subject to Spanish laws, living here is absolutely safe for lack of crime, this is the place of residence of Scandinavian, English and German Diasporas.
The range of our services is almost unlimited and we are always ready to help you on all possible issues, we will be happy to become a reliable guide to Gran Canaria!
Discover Canaria with us!

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